Camping & Survival: The Ultimate Outdoors Book

This book helps you acquire and sharpen skills required to safely enjoy the outdoors. You will find details on how to hike/travel, in the summer and winter, “make a camp”, choose suitable equipment, and understand your environment. You will learn how to search for food and water, find shelter, “read” the weather, and how to take care of yourself if you are injured (First Aid). Interesting topics as PANNING FOR GOLD, tracking, camouflage, dangerous wild animals, birds, fish, edible plants, poisonous mushrooms, and basic survival techniques are also covered.

Community Review

  • Quite possibly the most excellent bushcraft informational book that ever is available on the market. Without hyperbole, every single scenario one could encounter in the wild. The book is straightforward, indexed wonderfully, and is unbelievable how much information the author stores between these pages.

    It is an essential part of my backpacking/hiking/camping kit; I believe the additional weight is worth the tradeoff of having this handy.

    Given the volume of information, it is not as in-depth as explanations for entirely new/novice backpackers. Therefore, I highly recommend that you read and understand the relevant portions of your trip, beforehand.

    Overall, if you are in the market for an informational book on survival, shelter, bushcraft, animal tracking, and quite possibly any other issue you will encounter in the wild, look no further than this book.

  • Another awesome survival book! You can never get enough and you can definitely live in the wilderness and survive using these books! Of course you need to use precautions anytime your in the wilderness! Great book!
  • This book is jam packed with all kinds of survival tips for everything you can possibly imagine. Enjoy all the diagrams and pictures. Has all kinds of information you don’t usually find in other survival books.
  • I’ve had this book before and lost it unfortunately it doesn’t say how to survive a crazy ex throwing all your belongings away 🙂
    But in all seriousness this is an excellent book and the one I had was the first edition this one has allot of new techniques ..covers so much information and allot of it is simple little tricks that I know I wouldn’t have thought of.I recommend it to any outdoorsy individual ..its simple information that doesn’t drag on and has loads of great pictures and diagrams.
    ..only downside is that due to its huge wealth of information its also a huge book so putting it in a backpack to bring on a serious hike and camping trip to practice some techniques in the book most likely will be out of the question …so pick a chapter and practice before you decide to crash a plane on a mountain and have to build an igloo or try to trap a wolverine with a sapling and a rock
  • This was one of my favorite camping books as a Boy Scout, and after I lost this when I went to college, I wanted another copy. While it’s a bit big to carry around on every hike, it’s good study material, and I’d call it a “must-buy” book for any long-term campers out there.
  • Great survival book on everything survival!
    My 13 year old son could not put it down. This is not a pocket guide. He made copies and notes to put in his backpack that he thought would be good for whatever trip he was going to… Hiking for he day -vs- overnight camping in the snow…
    Great for anyone interested in how to survive in the wild!!

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