The Next Exit 2010: USA Interstate Exit Directory: the Most Complete Interstate Exit Directory (Next Exit: The Most Complete Interstate Highway Guide Ever Printed)

The most complete interstate highway exit directory ever printed.

Community Review

  • During the last 7-10 years I purchased at least three updates to this book. Invaluable when traveling the Interstate Highways … especially when you are in need of a rest room, restraunt or hotel. It’s all there for evey exit in the Interstate System. I just bought two updadted copies, one as a gift for a friend who is taking a cross country trip and one for my wife and I for our Interstate travels.
  • When we were younger, we had a RV and found The Next Exit to be the most complete and up to date travel guide on the market. We have since retired and no longer take long road trip’s but when we do “HIT THE ROAD” The Next Exit is in the cockpit with us. We never travel without it and never will.
  • This is the type of book any road traveler ought to have.
    I will be driving from Phoenix, AZ to Northern Illinois
    via the Interstate Highway system in the near future so it will
    be good to know what amenities are available when I pull off
    the road
  • This is a great book to have while traveling with our large travel trailer, we can look ahead and see which exit has my favorite kind of gas or restarant and has when it is in RED type we know we should have room to fit the travel trailer. This saves a huge amount of stress.
  • Although I haven’t used this book yet for travel, I can see that it will be very useful and easy to use when I do need it. I wish I had known about the Next EXIT before. It would have saved time and possibly saved us from disappointment in our travels when we have taken wrong exits for services. With this book, I can’t see that happening again.
  • I bought the 2009 Edition when we began traveling in our RV. It really helped us to know where we could find fuel, propane, water, dump stations and Walmart stops. Saved a wrong exit stop many times and helped us plan grocery shopping between travel locations. The book has been so incredibly helpful on RV trips as well trips in our family vehicle I’m coming back to give it as a gift for all those “hard to buy for” family members! I think I might even buy another one for the family car!
  • This book has it all! I can chart my next road trip and know exactly what is at each exit all the way there! No more guessing about what types of gas stations or lodging or restaurants there will be. I can even tell how far it is to the next rest stop. No one should go on a trip without this book!
  • Been using “the next exit” for years now. We love it, and onl;y found it to be wrong twice at two exits. Most likely because of new owners. My opionion don’t travel without. Worth every penny.

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